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Hotel Cassinetta

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Located in the traditional and quiet neighborhood Recreo, Vina del Mar, just two blocks from the most emblematic places of the city, like the flower clock, Caleta Abarca beach, casino and walks by the sea, Hotel Cassinetta, is boutique hotel spacious rooms, finely it combines charm, elegance and modernity in a traditional and beautiful French-style house in the late 40's, completely restored.


Cassinetta is a small mountain hamlet surrounded by large forests of beech, chestnut and ash trees, next to Montebruno and babbling river Trebbia.It is located 914 meters above sea level, in the region of Liguria, northern Italy, and it is possible to see into the distance, trimmed in silver tones Lake Brugneto di.

quiet area off the beaten path in winter covered in white and in summer is filled with vibrant shades of green, where you can appreciate a varied fauna composed by foxes, weasels, badgers and wild boars, observed from the sky by kestrels, magpies and hawks.

In this small hamlet born in 1900 Don Atilio Garbarino, our Nonno, who arrived in Chile at twenty-four, and like many immigrants, gives his life to work on this earth, near the sea and mountains, making their homeland and building stories ...

Hotel Cassinetta is a tribute to him and to all those immigrants who chose our region and its surroundings as their new home, due to the sea breeze, its beautiful bay, beautiful scenery and lovely sunsets.

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    Hotel Cassinetta services: reception, concierge, games, safe, maid service, breakfast, heating, wifi, parking, etc.

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    Corporate breakfasts and lunches, conferences, lectures and seminars with optional coffee break, bachelors and marriages, Cocktails, etc.