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Palacio Rioja - Museum of Decorative Arts

[justify]At present this National Monument is an outstanding Museum of Decorative Arts and important center of activities linked to art and culture. Built in 1907 by the architect Alfredo Azancot under the order of the Spanish businessman Fernando Rioja, it represents the classic French style and stands out for its imposing façade with staircase and columns. It constitutes one of the most important Museums of Decorative Arts of the country for its collection of objects of styles Imperio and Luis XV.[/justify]

Palacio Rioja offers a unique experience in the region thanks to its complete restoration. The one that considered the restoration of the building of great architectural beauty with all its ornamental elements, as well as the 333 objects that compose its different collections of great aesthetic, historical and patrimonial value that are permanently exhibited in the traditional halls that were once residence of the Rioja family.